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About Pole Dance Hub Brasov

We are the first pole dancers at Brasov, who gathered and accommodated here more than 12 years of pole dance trainings with performing and teaching experience. Our goal is sharing all the experience that we have with those who wish to learn, organisation of experience exchange between pole dancers from other parts of Romania and world, and sharing all our skills and knowledge to everyone who is interested in pole dance.



  • Founder and trainer of Pole Dance Hub Brasov

  • Self-taught poledancer and performer with 3 years of experience

  • Active participant of Romanian pole dance community events

  • Trainer of pole dance, exotic, pole kids and stretching

  • True source of energy and creative ideas of Pole Dance Hub

  •  Generator of ideas for pole dance events in Brasov

  •  Manager and performer for shows all over Romania

  • English & Romanian speaking



  • Founder and trainer in Pole Dance Hub Brasov

  • Pole Dance trainer with more than 13 years of experience (since 2009, Kyiv)

  • Founder of Ukrainian Exotic Pole Dance Federation (UEPDF) (since 2015)

  • Founder of UA exotic pole dance championship "Temptation" , UA Summer exotic fest (2015-2017, Kiev)

  • II place Exotic Generation UA (2017, Kiev) Category "Old school"

  • Judge of the UA  Exotic pole dance championships (since 2015)

  • Best trainer pole sport of Ukraine (Kyiv, 2015 by version of 1st UA Pole Sport Federation)

  • II place UA exotic pole dance championship "Pole Dreams" - category "Elite" (Kharkiv 2015)

  • Creator of international pole camps (Crimea, Odessa, Athens, Barcelona 2012-2019)

  • Author and lecturer of trainer pole dance course in Kyiv (since 2012)

  • Workshops "Exotic Ols School" and "Private Dance" in UA (since 2013)

  • Owner of "Soul Freedom" pole dance studio in Kyiv (since 2017)

  • English & Ukrainian speaking


  • Trainer with more than 15 years of experience in fitness and aerial disciplines

  • Circus performer with more than 10 years of experience all over the world (acrobatics, aerial silks and circus hoop)

  • Trainer of pole dance, stretching, aerial hoop, aerobics & fitness, pole kids

  • Energizer and motivator for every day! 

  • English & Ukrainian speaking



  • Trainer of pole dance, exotic pole dance, stretching

  • Pole dancer with a classic base (years of ballet practice)

  • Dancer of various styles

  • Active participant of pole dance community of Brasov

  • Patient and attentive trainer

  • English & Romanian speaking


  • Trainer of pole dance beginners groups

  • Performer of pole dance routine during Pole Dance Hub events

  • Active participant of Brasov pole dance activity 

  • English & Ukrainian speaking




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